What to look for in a car roof box

When choosing a car roof box, try to ensure you pick one that adequately meets your needs. Do not choose one that too small to fit additional luggage in, but you don’t want one that’s too big and will just be wasted space. In general, roof boxes come in three sizes – small, medium and large.

What to look for in a car roof box

Wind resistance

sau76sajshsThis can make a significant difference to fuel efficiency and your overall driving experience. One of the primary uses of cargo carriers is to store camping gear and outdoor equipment. This means that the traveling distance for a vehicle with a cargo box tends to be further than a vehicle without one. Over a long distance, the difference between an aerodynamic roof box and one that is not can add significantly to the amount of fuel used. A chunky roof box will catch the wind and can make driving difficult.

Durability of the car top carrier

Car roof top are mostly used for storing valuable items, and you must ensure that they are well protected. Not only this but your roof box will occasionally take a battering. If you are planning on using your cargo carrier to visit the great outdoors then at some point you are likely to make contact with the odd branch or two. You must ensure that your roof box can stand up to the impact. There are safety issues involved with having insecure items within a damaged box, so this is something that you should pay close attention to.

The shape of the roof box

Car roof top come in a variety of different shapes depending on the needs of the owner. What to look for in a car roof box depends on what you will be using the cargo box to carry. For example, some roof boxes are specially shaped to fit snowboards. Others are more suitable for carrying tents and camping gear. Make sure that whichever roof box you choose you can fit in whatever you most typically need to carry.

Design features

hsghs67shjsasaMany of the leading models have dual side opening, and this is significant for ease of use. You can take items from both sides of the vehicle without having to move to the other side. Other forms of openings include rear and single side. You should have a look at your car and think about where would be the most convenient place to access the cargo carrier. The color of your box matters because it should be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. It will be sitting atop your vehicle, and so you want it to add to the attractiveness of your car not detract from it.

By thinking carefully about what you will use your car top carrier for before you make your purchasing decision you are much more likely to choose a suitable roof box. Car roof boxes are a reasonably expensive item so make sure that you make the right buying choice.