Marcasite Bracelet – Soft and Fashionable

Marcasite is a great mineral that is also known as iron sulfide. However, the commonly used mineral in the manufacture of jewelry is iron pyrite. This is because the pure marcasite crumbles into dust. Moreover, it is too soft and delicate to be used in making jewelry. You should note that this mineral was quite fashionable during the Victorian times. This type of material combines well with sterling silver and many other white metals.aDcadvbfgnhmj

As far as jewelry is concerned, bracelets are often overlooked. The majority of the people wear rings, earrings, and necklaces daily. In fact, some leave them on while bathing and sleeping if the piece is understated. Unfortunately, bracelets lose to watches in wrist jewelry. With time, all this is about to change, when some of the standout bracelets styles are made available. In fact, fashionable women will find a bracelet an ideal accessory that can accentuate their looks.

Wearing Marcasite Bracelets

Whether the style of clothing you put on or the occasion you are in, there is a particular bracelet that can compliment your outfit. This starts from funky costume to casual bangles and exotic gemstones. Also, bracelet styles can take you from a formal affair on Monday to a casual escape on Saturday. If you want to accent your outfit with bold, elegant bracelet, you will love marcasite bracelet. These types of bracelets are made from quality materials.

Vintage Marcasite Jewelry

You will find these bracelets elegant and classic ways to accessorize. Consumers can get great styles such as Art Deco and Victorian Era. If you are new to this type of jewelry, you need to know some tips that can aid the selection process of quality pieces. If you are new to vintage jewelry market, you may find it difficult to discern replica pieces from the genuine antique ones. Thus, it is necessary to understand various characteristics of them before making your buying decision.

fkdvgfbhdnyuA marcasite bracelet is known to have a bright sheen, metallic finish, and great hardness, which allows it to stand up well to dings and scratches over the years. Therefore, it offers consumers the ability to quality vintage pieces that are in good condition after several years of their creation.

Victorian Era Marcasite Bracelet

It is said that Queen Victoria wore black for an extensive period after passing of Prince Albert. In that era, her choice of jewelry tended towards darker colors, making it a popular choice for the Queen. Women in London and far places started became avid collectors of the marcasite pieces, from bracelets to rings.